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ECOCOVER S.L offers a comprehensive service in the management of goods and merchandise not suitable for reuse or marketing. For this reason they must be managed as waste through authorized managers.

Goods that are not suitable for reuse are therefore considered as waste and must be treated and managed as such. The destruction routes will be through the elimination or recovery through plants authorized by the Catalan Waste Agency (CWA).

ECOCOVER has all the necessary means to carry out an integral waste management coordinating the documentary (contracts), transportation , collection and management.

    • Coordination in waste management
    • Recycling of all type of waste by means of recovery:
      • Food (sandach)
      • Textiles
      • Containers
      • Electric appliances
      • Furniture
    • Destruction/ Disposal of waste.

Both destruction and recycling will be accompanied by the CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION OF GOODS, issued by an authorized manager.

 ECOCOVER S.L is registered in the Catalan Waste Agency for the activity of a DEALER OF WASTE with the code:N-10124.